June 3- June 14, 2024


Graduate Instrumentation and Detector School

GRIDS is a summer school that was started in 2018 for graduate students and new post-docs in nuclear, particle, and astroparticle physics to get hands-on training with the detector and instrumentation technology used in modern experiments.  It is aimed primarily for those students and post-docs with limited experience with experimental hardware.

The school will offer a diversified program, combining plenary lectures on a variety of topics from leading experts with hands-on laboratory experience with typical detector and instrumentation technologies.


Participants will develop a basic understanding of the interactions of particles with matter that are relevant to radiation detecting and of the physical mechanisms for collecting energy deposited by radiation.

Participants will also develop lab skills to operate commonly-used equipment for radiation detection in a safe and effective manner.


The school is open to National and International graduate students, and new post-docs. Acceptance to the school is limited.



Lectures Speakers
Cryogenic Detectors Prof. Ziqing Hong (University of Toronto) -  https://zqhong.physics.utoronto.ca
Solid State Detectors Dr. Jennifer Ott (UCSC) - https://inspirehep.net/authors/1605520
Liquid Noble Detectors Dr. Pierre Gorel (SNOLAB) - https://www.snolab.ca/people/dr-pierre-gorel/
Scintillation Detectors Prof. Juan Pablo Yanez Garza (University of Alberta) - https://apps.ualberta.ca/directory/person/yaezgarz
Gas Detectors Dr. Philippe Gros (Queen's University) - https://www.queensu.ca/physics/people-search/philippe-gros
Calorimetry & Particle ID Dr. Max Swialowski (TRIUMF) - https://mswiatlo.web.cern.ch/mswiatlo/ 
Low-Backgrounds Technique Prof. Alvine Kamaha (UCLA) - https://www.pa.ucla.edu/faculty-websites/kamaha.html 
DAQ & Electronics Dr. Ben Smith (TRIUMF) - https://www.triumf.ca/node/39168/Data-Acquisition 
ISAC/RIB Techniques Dr. Annika Lennarz (TRIUMF) - https://www.triumf.ca/node/39129/astrophysical-nuclear-reactions-group-members


Experimental Techniques

  • Beamline Techniques
  • Organic & Inorganic Scintillators
  • Photo-Sensors Techniques
  • Gas Detectors
  • GEM Detectors
  • Solid State Cryogenics Techniques
  • Data-Acquisition Systems
  • Low-Level Electronics
  • Laser Technology
  • Low-Background Techniques


Application submission for GRIDS2024 is now open and all materials must be submitted by March 15, 2024.
Please apply early!


The number of students will be limited, so an application process is being used.


This is a 3-step process.


1. Apply - includes a letter being sent from student's supervisor (Student is responsible for asking supervisor to send this)

2. Get Accepted

3. Complete Registration


Please click on the link below to APPLY online. The application process takes about 10 mins to complete.




A confirmation email will be sent directly from the registration system upon completion of your application.


If you are traveling from outside Canada, you may need a visa to enter Canada. Please refer to the Government of Canada site for instructions on how and who needs to apply for a Visitor’s Visa to come to Canada.


US citizens carrying a valid US Passport do not require a Visa to come to Canada.   Residents of the US who carry a passport from a country listed on the Government of Canada site will need an Invitation Letter from the Conference Chair to attach to their Visitor’s Visa Application.   Please give sufficient time for processing.  See:  here  for an  estimate of processing times.

As of March 15, 2016  any delegates from visa-exempt countries will need to apply for an eTA. The eTA costs $7.00 and allows for pre-screening of visa exempt nationals. Please see this link for details related to the eTA.    


GRIDS 2024 committed to ensuring that appropriate and necessary health and safety protocols will be in place for this event.


GRIDS2024 will take place at TRIUMF in Vancouver BC, Canada

TRIUMF is located on the campus of the University of British Columbia.

map of TRIUMF



4004 Wesbrook Mall

Vancouver, BC V6T 2A3





Take the bus here

Drive here

Common driving routes




A limited number of rooms has been set aside for GRIDS2024 participants at the Gage Towers on the UBC campus. The Gage Towers are only a 30 minute walk from TRIUMF and close to the bus loop at UBC.


Room rates:

Gage Standard Single (6 per shared unit)
$53/night +tax per person per night
Total for the duration of GRIDS is $636+tax per person


Walter Gage Residences

Rooms are available to book for 3 nights before and 3 nights after.

Instructions on how to book will be provided to accepted participants.

*wired internet will require you to bring your own ethernet cable, or purchase one from Gage Towers.


Travel documents and visas

eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is a new entry requirement -- now in effect.

What you need to know to come to Canada: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/visit/tourist.asp


Visas: If travelling from outside Canada, you may need a visa to enter Canada.

To request an invitation letter to attach to your Visitor's Visa application please send your request by email to tsi@triumf.ca after you submit your application.

Do I need a visa or eTA to come to Canada?

To find out for sure, check here:


About Vancouver

The city of Vancouver is located on the mainland of North America, in the southwest corner of British Columbia, which is the westernmost of Canada's ten provinces. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Coastal range mountains, providing plenty outdoor activities, winter and summer. It is being said Vancouver is the only major city where you can go skiing and take a dip in the ocean on the very same day (without freezing too much). Having hosted the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, it offers rich cultural diversity, spectacular scenery, world-class meeting facilities and a wealth of amenities. Conference venues, accommodation, restaurants, theatres, and recreational opportunities are readily available in this beautiful Pacific Coast location.




Program overview


Social Events

Monday 3rd:

Welcome Party @ Sports Illustrated Public House,

Westbrook Mall 

Thursday 6th:

Social Evening @ TRIUMF Courtyard,

Pizza & Drinks

Thursday 13th:

Social Dinner @ BREWHALL,

Olympic Village


Lab Rotations

Lab Rotations



Temperatures for June

June average temperature 16°C 61°F
June high 20°C 78°F
June low 12°C 54°F


Summer (June - September)




Electric voltage is 120 Volt

electric plug
Wall socket and plug: Image shows a classic plug with two flat parallel prongs and one with a grounding pin.

Tipping and Currency Conversion

Tipping culture: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g153339-s606/Canada:Tipping.And.Etiquette.html

Currency converter: http://www.bankofcanada.ca/rates/exchange/daily-converter/?page_moved=1




Committee Chairs

  • Pietro Giampa [SNOLAB] (co-chair)
  • Tony Noble, McDonald Institute/Queen’s (co-chair)
  • Marcello Pavan, TRIUMF (co-chair)
  • Mark Richardson, Queen's U (co-chair)

Organizing Committee

  • Alexis Brossard (TRIUMF)
  • Doug Bryman [UBC / TRIUMF]
  • Andrea Capra (TRIUMF)
  • Ken Clark [McDonald Institute/Queen's U/TRIUMF]
  • Pietro Giampa [TRIUMF / McDonald Institute] (co-chair)
  • Dana Giasson [TRIUMF]
  • Iain McKenzie (TRIUMF)
  • Tony Noble [McDonald Institute/Queen's U] (co-chair)
  • Marcello Pavan [TRIUMF] (co-chair)
  • Wolfgang Rau [TRIUMF]
  • Mark Richardson [McDonald Institute] (co-chair)
  • Alan Robinson [University of Montreal]
  • Aleksey Sher [TRIUMF]
  • Jana Thomson [TRIUMF]
  • Isabel Trigger [TRIUMF]



Contact Us

contact us




E-mail: grids@triumf.ca